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Adam love...

Yeah, I know, way not to post in like two months. Been traveling and studying for exams so haven't felt like it. Had a cold this weekend so got out of the studying groove; getting back in again is hell. I know nobody probably reads this thing anymore, but I just needed to confess that instead of studying tonight, after chilling with a friend all day, I spent a truly embarrassing amount of time (no, seriously, I'm rather ashamed...but thought I might as well get it out of my system at once) looking for the following photos (and their brethren):

Oh, pretty, even(especially?)after letting the Glam Shield down...(and the freckles out)! I'm amazed at what a chameleon Adam is, how he can be all fierce like this:

and passionate like this:

and still make me want to squash him in a big hug after this:

Generally, I get hit with all of those impressions simultaneously. And him and Allison?

OMG, it's impossible not to want to hug him after that, that adorable, content little smile. Serious honorary fabulous gay big bro envy. (And that was way too many adjectives, but I have been up for waaaaay too long.) And now they are touring together.
And to top it off, before he was Glambert, he was this little guy:

With a pig, yes. IDK. ;oP

Put it all together, and I just have to marvel at his sweet, fierce, glittery chameleon self, and rejoice in the awesome. Totally worth staying up all night for, no?

Anyway...bed now. Computer may be on during breakfast but then it is going off until I get a good amount of work done, b/c otherwise I will freak.

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Ohhh, he is quite fetching.

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I know, right? He makes me want to laugh and squish him and stare openmouthed (in perplexity) ALL AT ONCE. And he seems so genuine and kind and yet unapologetically himself.

OK, enough fangirling. More pics later, though, after I finally get some work done.

Hope you've been well, hon!